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Mahi Rawe

Let’s create an inclusive, diverse, skilled workforce

Kia ora, and warm Pacific greetings.

Welcome to mahirawe.com

Mahi Rawe means great work. Working in the disability sector is great work.

This platform gives you the chance to complete over 30 modules designed to help you get a job. Not just any job, but a job supporting disabled people to live the life they want to live.

The modules are for your benefit, they are designed to help you prepare for employment. They include topics like time management and goal setting. The module specific to the disability sector is called Te Pou 7 Real Skills.

We encourage you to go onto the platform and have a look around. There’s no pressure, and you can’t get anything wrong. These are guides to help you in your preparation for finding the right job for you.

We are here to help.

Contact us at mahirawe@tepou.co.nz

The disability sector is a vibrant rewarding community full of people just like you. The Mahi Rawe Online Platform provides you with a chance to look at your strengths and opportunities to work in the disability sector with world-class e-learning experiences and video content.


Let’s implement diversity

Fill out your online CV to be seen by the leading organizations in the disability sector. Disabled people, whānau and organisations need your unique talents and skills.


Let’s promote inclusion

Disabled people, whānau and organisations are waiting to work with people just like you.


Mahi Rawe!

Did you know hourly rates in the disability sector start from $19 per hour? You will also have access to on the job training and upskilling.


Let’s get real!

This Mahi Rawe Online Platform is free to use. Sign up now and find out how a career in the disability sector can change your life and those in your community.